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Vernaccia is a type of grape that grows almost everywhere in Italy.
San Gimignano is a nice medieval hilltop town of Tuscany.

When Vernaccia was born? 

In 1966 Vernaccia di San Gimignano was the first Italian wine to attain the DOCG  “Denominazione di Origine Controllata” (Denomination of Controlled Origin) this was a new boost to production, which grew progressively in terms of quantity and quality.
In 1993 it obtained the Docg (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin), the highest recognition of the Italian legislation currently in force.

What makes Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine great?  Undoubtedly the terroir

Terroir means the soil from which the vines and grapes draw minerals and therefore the aromas. The land in this area is full of fossils and therefore is composed of Pliocene soil and clay - shells and remains of the ancient Ligurian Sea that lapped the peaks of Tuscany. The mineral composition gives the wine a typically dry taste with crunchy acidity and a slightly bitter finish.

The color changes from pale straw yellow to golden with aging. It is served fresh (12 ° C) and goes very well with first courses in white sauces, various fried dishes (in particular anchovies), fish, eggs and white meats. It could be fit also as an aperitif!

This land which is extremely full of calcareous sediments make is the best for creating vigorous and mineral white wines.

This is the entry quality version of Vernaccia, the most common among many wine producers and maybe the only wine they produce. Usually, the "Annata" type doesn't age in oak.

This Vernaccia wine is labeled with the name of the DOCG, these wines are typically crisp and light and often end up with a captivating hint of bitterness, which reminds a dry almost and makes them very suitable for food but less useful as an aperitif.

This Italian word could be translated into "selection" and it means to select, as in a selected vineyard, sometimes with a little aging or different production methods to improve the taste of the grapes that will soon become wine.

Generally, "selezione" wines have more density without being heavy and a greater complexity together with a fascinating texture.

These are aged for a further year and almost always undergo fermentation and/or barrel aging. The angular verve of "annata" or "selezione" is replaced by a roundness that, in the wrong hands, can border on heaviness.

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